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Lantern Chapter Status Info below

DAR support is provided to our veterans, year-round.  We are among the most active volunteers at VA Medial Centers; when protocols for such volunteerism were reshaped by the pandemic, we pivoted and are now also the largest participants in “Wreaths Across America”. Our VOW (Vivian’s

Outreach to Women) Grants are directed to helping

indigent female veterans. 

We locate and recognize Vietnam Era veterans, support

Honor  Flights and find ways large and small to express

thanks to  the men and women who once wore the uniform

of our nation.  In particular, we recognize those World

War II veterans in  our community with certificates.

We’re proud to honor our nation’s active duty military through our work with the DAR Project Patriot Committee to support those who place their lives in danger to protect our own.  Whether that support comes in the form of care packages, financial contributions, holiday cards or efforts to raise appreciation for our nation’s military members, it comes from the heart.

We improve educational outcomes of thousands of young people annually through our support of the DAR School and Community Classroom committees.  In addition, when local, state and national scholarships are total, we extend more than $1 million annually to make dreams come true for students who might otherwise be unable to afford higher education through the DAR Scholarship Committee.  Add the impact of Junior American Citizens and the Children of the American Revolution, and you begin to appreciate the work that we accomplish to raise the leaders of tomorrow. 

Additionally, thousands of new readers, for many

of whom English is a second language, benefit from

the important and rewarding work of our

Literacy Committee.

Since 1936, we have aided American Indian students through tangible support of their studies.  Much of that work today is focused on the campuses of Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and Chemawa Indian School in Salem, Oregon.  We are proud to also send dozens of young people to the Indian Youth of America Summer Camp Program.  Many chapters additionally support their local Native American students through work at local reservations.

The first hand, congratulations and Flag of the United States of America extended to a new citizen often come from a DAR member who helps to organize and sponsor a naturalization ceremony.  We also offer many ways to recognize and assist outstanding new citizens as they embrace their new lives and responsibilities as Americans.

In addition to these committees, we also, of course, support a great deal of Patriotic work, such as respect for the Flag of the United States of America, awareness of the U.S. Constitution (specifically during Constitution Week) and the importance of Good Citizens.  Our work in Historic Preservation funds community grants, supports our DAR Museum and captures thousands of genealogical records for posterity.

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Mary Fell 
Stevenson has Lantern 
chapter status approved by our National Society on 13 May 2022.  Article left explaining the process.

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